Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, October 1, 2014

  1. Abhinaba Basu: .NET Just in Time Compilation and Warming up Your System
  2. Brad L: Finally... JavaScript source line info in a dump
  3. Ajey Shah: Azure Search Tutorial in ~100 Lines of Python
  4. Jason St-Cyr: Agile in the iron triangle
  5. Nazim Lala: ModSecurity Web Application Firewall on Azure Websites
  6. CodeChat: 012 - James Lau (OneNote API)
  7. Savita Pahuja: Cooperative Development Using Pair Programming and Non-Solo Development
  8. Michael Bach Pedersen: Detecting OS & IE Version in (C#) Coded UI Tests
  9. MSOpenness: Open Sourcing Automation Tools for Testing Linux Images on Microsoft Azure
  10. Maninder Singh Puhi: Getting started with ASP.Net Web API 2 using CodeFirst


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