Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, September 19, 2014

  1. dotNetDave:  256 Seconds with dotNetDave (Episode 1) - Visual Studio Online
  2. Lee Stott: Getting the maximum Performance out of your Game or App on Windows 8 and Windows Phone
  3. Marius Schulz: Passing Swift's Operator Functions to Higher-Order Functions
  4. Susan Ibach: Whoops! I deleted the data! My DevOps disaster and how you can avoid your own
  5. Visual Studio Toolbox: Python Tools for Visual Studio
  6. Practical .NET: Splitting Tables in Entity Framework 6 to Improve Performance
  7. Abel Avram: Microsoft WinJS 3.0 Now Supports Multiple Platforms
  8. Dimah Zaidalkilani: Application Insights tools in Visual Studio 2013 Summer Update
  9. Windows Apps Team: Microsoft OCR Library for Windows Runtime
  10. Kim Spilker: Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio


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