Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, September 11, 2014

  1. Dukhabandhu Sahoo: Create Primary Key using Entity Framework Code First
  2. Zhu Meng: On C++ AMP Remappable Shader
  3. David Catuhe: JavaScript: Returning this or not returning this, this is the question!
  4. Roopesh Shenoy: Npgsql Gets Visual Studio Data Designer Integration, JSONB Support
  5. VSTOTeam: VSTO Runtime Update to Address Premature WPF UI Thread Shutdown
  6. Peter Vogel: Set a Breakpoint and Start Debugging in Visual Studio
  7. Countdown to TechEd Europe: The One with Schedule Builder
  8. Joel Citizen: Universal Win Apps: Shared Project vs Portal Class Library – Advantages and Disadvantages
  9. Geoff Gray: All About Load Test Planning (Part 4-Building the Load Profile)
  10. Elizabeth Maher: How to Export Data to Microsoft Word with the LightSwitch HTML Client – Part 3


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