Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, August 29, 2014

  1. Brian Harry: Stakeholder license is live
  2. Steven Douard: A Stroll Through Node: Introduction
  3. JD Meier: How Can Enterprise Architects Drive Business Value the Agile Way?
  4. Bruno Terkaly: How to Write Mobile Applications - What Are Your Options?
  5. Scott Hanselman: How to run Background Tasks in ASP.NET
  6. Writing Applications in the Cloud with Visual Studio Online
  7. David Lean: Data-Driven Load Tests using Visual Studio Online and SQL Azure
  8. Halil ibrahim Kalkan: Using AngularJs, ASP.NET MVC, Web API and EntityFramework to build NLayered Single Page Web Applications
  9. Elizabeth Maher: How to Export Data to Microsoft Word with the LightSwitch HTML Client – Part 1
  10. Aaron Sanders: Article: What UX is and isn't?
The next Top 10 post will come on Tuesday, September 2. Monday is Irony Day in the US - Labor Day. The day we don't labor. :o)


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