Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, August 28, 2014

  1. S. Somasegar: Visual Studio Online - Stakeholder License
  2. Frederic Lardinois: Microsoft’s Visual Studio Online Now Lets Developers Add Unlimited Stakeholders For Free
  3. Jason Walters: Step-by-Step: Get Netduino Working with Visual Studio 2013
  4. Roopesh Shenoy: ASP.NET vNext Projects Get Simpler
  5. Yishai G: Customizing Web API controller selector
  6. Deva: More to try… ASP.Net vNext, .NET Native, RyuJIT and develop ASP.Net vNext apps on Mac!!
  7. Sayed-Ibrahim-Hashimi: How to customize scaffolding templates for ASP.NET vNext
  8. Nish Sivakumar: 7 reasons C++ devs will love the VS 14 CTP
  9. Immo Landwerth: Being an intern on the .NET Team
  10. LightSwitch Help Website: Embedding Your LightSwitch Cloud Business App Inside SharePoint As a App Part


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