Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for the Week of August 18, 2014

And the Top 10 most clicked links from last week's Top 10 posts...

  1. Visual Studio Blog: Visual Studio “14” CTP 3 Released
  2. The .NET Team: Try out the new releases: .NET Framework vNext, ASP.NET vNext, .NET Native and RyuJIT
  3. Dan J Taylor: PerfTips: Performance Information at-a-glance while Debugging with Visual Studio
  4. Bing Dev Center Team Blog: Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio focuses on improving productivity within the experience
  5. Jonathan Allen: Pattern Matching in C# 6 and VB 12
  6. Johannes Rieken: Grunt + TypeScript + VSO Monaco = ❤
  7. David Obando: Quick tip for large applications using Entity Framework Code-First
  8. Ben Liebert: Step by Step Guide to Building a Cross-Platform Application in HTML, CSS & Javascript
  9. Tom Dykstra: Building Cloud Apps with the Azure WebJobs SDK
  10. Brian Harry: Visual Studio “14” CTP 3 available


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