Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, August 21, 2014

  1. Brian Harry: Project Welcome pages - Aug 18
  2. Martin Woodward: Project Welcome Pages
  3. Martin Hinshelwood: Migrating source from Perforce to Git on VSO
  4. Beth Massi: Fun with the Interns: Christian Salgado Catalogs .NET APIs
  5. eWeek: Microsoft Launches Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio
  6. Dr. Dobbs: Traditional Development Fails Mobile Apps
  7. Zoe Luo: WCF Data Services Entity Framework Provider is updated with WCF Data Service 5.6.2
  8. Tom Dykstra: Building Cloud Apps with the Azure WebJobs SDK
  9. Marius Schulz: Parametrized Localization in ASP.NET
  10. Jonathan Allen: Thoughts on Unit Testing vs Ad-hoc Testing with Asynchronous Code


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