Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, August 19, 2014

  1. Bing Dev Center Team Blog: Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio focuses on improving productivity within the experience
  2. Johannes Rieken: Grunt + TypeScript + VSO Monaco = ❤
  3. David Obando: Quick tip for large applications using Entity Framework Code-First
  4. Jonathan Allen: Pattern Matching in C# 6 and VB 12
  5. The Hello World Podcast: Episode 37: Clemens Vasters
  6. LightSwitch Help Website: App-Stitch Demo Secrets - Exposed!
  7. Greg Duncan: A View to an Adornment... Creating a Visual Studio Viewport Adornment Extension
  8. CodeChat: Episode 006 - Josh Williams (WinJS)
  9. Jerry Dixon: Using SignalR to power ASP.NET Dashboards
  10. Michael Crump: Now is the time to Develop Windows Universal Apps!


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