Top 10 Rush Mix for Getting Work Done – Studio & Live

Blog post 2112 has to be a Rush post, right?

Here's my Top 10 Rush mix for when I need to get work done. I can listen to this on repeat for hours.

  1. La Villa Strangiato from Hemispheres
  2. Where's My Thing? from Roll the Bones
  3. The Main Monkey Business from Snakes & Arrows
  4. Headlong Flight from Clockwork Angels
  5. Malignant Narcissism from Snakes & Arrows
  6. Leave That Thing Alone from Counterparts
  7. Beneath, Between & Behind from Fly by Night
  8. Limbo from Test for Echo
  9. YYZ from Moving Pictures
  10. Working Man from Rush
Almost all are available on live albums, except for Limbo. I've only found that on YouTube, so Finding My Way joins the mix.
  1. La Villa Strangiato from Live in Rio
  2. Where's My Thing?/Here it is! from Clockwork Angels Tour
  3. The Main Monkey Business from Snakes & Arrows Live
  4. Headlong Flight from Clockwork Angels Tour
  5. Malignant Narcissism - De Slagwerker  from Snakes & Arrows Live
  6. Leave that Thing Alone  from Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland
  7. Beneath, Between & Behind from Exit...Stage Left
  8. YYZ  from Clockwork Angels Tour
  9. Working Man/Finding My Way from All the World's a Stage


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  1. Frederic says:


  2. M. Rahall says:

    Great concept, but to each their own. Great songs on your list.

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