Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, August 1, 2014

  1. Sam Guckenheimer: Agile 2014 Opening Keynote
  2. Software Development Tutorials and Videos: Identify and Protect Architecturally Significant Code
  3. Adam Denning: Expanding Open Source technologies on Windows
  4. Lee Stott: Cross Platform Mobile Development with Visual Studio
  5. GoingNative: The VS Debugger: How It Works + Tips and Tricks
  6. Rob Miles: Would you like double cheese with that? Adding Windows tablet goodness to Windows Phone applications
  7. eWeek: Microsoft Ships Visual Studio Tools for Unity 1.9
  8. Can Bilgin: Merging the Code-Base: Combining Existing Windows Store and Phone Apps into Universal Apps
  9. Martin Hinshelwood: Merge Team Projects into one in TFS
  10. Rick Anderson: Profile and Time your ASP.NET MVC app all the way to Azure


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