Top 9 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, July 21, 2014

  1. David Catuhe: Web developers, Visual Studio could be a great free tool to develop with…
  2. Dr. Dobbs: How To Use Reverse Iterators Without Getting Confused
  3. Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter: Understanding ASP.NET Templates
  4. JD Meier: Agile and the Definition of Quality
  5. ASP.NET vNext and Visual Studio 14 CTP: The Bright Future
  6. Grant Shipley: Presentation: Full Stack JavaScript
  7. Channel 9: Windows Developer Program for IoT now rolling out
  8. Raymond Chen: The time one of my colleagues debugged a line-of-business application for a package delivery service
  9. Martin Schray: WinJS for the C# guy: Getting started
  10. Ardilis Blog: JavaScript Date Tips - bonus, if you're counting...


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  1. Arlu says:

    There is ten, and wrote nine.

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