Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, July 11, 2014

  1. Manas Maheshwari: Get Application Performance Counters of your choice during load runs with Visual Studio Online 
  2. Roopesh Nair: How to trigger deployments to Chef managed environments from Release Management 2013 with Update 3 RC
  3. Raman Sharma: Building 8.1 apps (Windows Phone and Windows Store) using Visual Studio “14” CTP2
  4. Carlos Quintero: HOWTO: Initialize the usercontrol of a toolwindow from a Visual Studio package.
  5. Paul Cociuba: Sorting and Pagination in ASP.NET 4.5
  6. Mathew Aniyan: CodeLens – Identify large files
  7. Dr. Dobbs: What Makes a Good Check-in?
  8. Developer World: 5 reasons why software bugs still plague us
  9. Peter Vogel: To Sync or Not to Sync
  10. Jeff Sanders: Walkthrough: Attaching an Azure SQL database to your .NET Backend


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