Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, July 1, 2014

  1. S.Somasegar:  Enabling Contributions to the Visual F# IDE Tools
  2. Dan North: Presentation: Why Agile Doesn't Scale (and What You Can Do about It)
  3. Akhil Mittal: Creating an MSI Package for C# Windows Application Using a Visual Studio Setup Project
  4. Kathleen Dollard: Creating Strong-typed Metadata Classes
  5. Kavya Kotacherry: C++ REST SDK WebSocket client
  6. Chuck Sterling: Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show  does Load Testing
  7. Lee Stott: Visual Studio Online
  8. .NET Tips and Tricks: Return an Interface from Your Methods for Maximum Flexibility
  9. Jason St-Cyr: Visual Studio and Git error: “URI formats are not supported”
  10. Ariya Hidayat: Presentation: JavaScript API Design Principles


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