Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, June 26, 2014

  1. Andrew Binstock: Redmond's Remarkable Reversal
  2. Richard Seroter: Automation in the Cloud and Management at Scale
  3. LightSwitch Team: Azure Web Site Enhancements
  4. Steven Lange: Microsoft Test Manager – Working Across Projects: Adding an Existing Test Case vs.Cloning/Copying
  5. ActiveNick: Event Session – Building Universal Windows Apps for Smartphones and Tablets with XAML & C#
  6. Greg Duncan: "VB Universal Windows App" series
  7. Geoff Gray: To “Think” or “Not to Think”
  8. C# Corner: How to Automate IIS 7 Configuration with .NET
  9. Deborah Kurata: AngularJS: 101 Ways to Create a Controller
  10. Mohamed Yamama: Workaround to adding Service Reference to Windows Phone 8.1 (Runtime app)


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