Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, June 25, 2014

  1. Bruno Terkaly: 2 Lines of C# Code that replaced my bloated 44 lines - The Reductionist's View
  2. Daniel Bucherer: On Designing an API for our Cloud Hosted Solution
  3. Guillaume Lathoud: Presentation: JS Optimization Techniques
  4. VBTeam: VB Universal Windows App Part 5: calling into platform-specific APIs from PCL
  5. Christian Neumanns: Why We Should Love 'null'
  6. Windows Apps Team: Common questions and answers about files and app data, part 2: Files
  7. Greg Duncan: Current File Path on the Footer VS Extension
  8. This Week On Channel 9: Power BI Q&A, Azure Machine Learning, IE Dev Channel and more
  9. Rowan Miller: EF 6.1.1 RTM Available
  10. Mugdha Kulkarni: ASP.NET vNext Routing Overview



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    Now we know that the titles are not DateTime.Now. =)

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