Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, June 17, 2014

  1. C# Corner: The Chain of Responsibility  Pattern in .NET
  2. Gigi Sayfan: Testing Complex Systems
  3. Noctis: Introduction to Unit Testing with: MS tests, NUnit and Fluent Assertions
  4. Improving Software Quality with Microsoft Visual Studio: What's New in Web Test Management TFS 2013 Part 2
  5. Lori Lalonde: Windows First: A New Strategy for Mobile Development and Beyond
  6. Mostafa Elzoghbi: How to: Create ASP.NET MVC Authentication tables in an existing database
  7. Nada Mohamed: Compiler Switch Deprecation/Removal Changes in Visualx` Studio “14”
  8. Greg Duncan: Thousands of code samples at your finger tips
  9. Andrei Alexandrescu from Lang.NEXT 2014: Leverage
  10. IEBlog: Announcing Internet Explorer Developer Channel


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