Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, June 5, 2014

  1. Brian Jordan: Release Management (RM) for Visual Studio 2013–Work around for running Multiple Clients
  2. VS Magazine: Writing Flexible Entity Framework Methods with Set
  3. CSharpFAQ: Visual Studio "14" CTP Now Available
  4. Eric Battalio: Visual Studio “14” CTP
  5. Practical .NET: Capturing Results from Stored Procedures with Entity Framework 6
  6. Giles Davies: My top 5 Visual Studio Features
  7. Matt Harrington: DevRadio: Microsoft Azure Mobile Services Overview and the New .NET Back End
  8. Mitchel Sellers: Improving Web Application Performance - Part Two Users & Environment
  9. Matthieu Mezil: Extend Visual Studio with NuGet PowerShell commands basis
  10. Soubhagya Dash: Announcing the New Application Insights Alerts Page


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