Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, April 18, 2014

  1. Brian Harry: Creating installers with Visual Studio
  2. Visual Studio Blog: Visual Studio Installer Projects Extension
  3. Dr. Dobbs: Microsoft Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.1 Beta
  4. Kevin Aguanno: Three Large Banks, Three Different Approaches to Agile Adoption
  5. VBTeam: Visualizing Roslyn Syntax Trees
  6. Carlos Quintero: Debugging .NET Framework now working
  7. Windows Apps Team: //build 2014 highlights #2: enterprise, XAML, and IE/JavaScript/web apps
  8. Sara Itani: Scalar Properties and Collection Properties and Screens! Oh My! - An Overview of Screen Property Actions
  9. Bruno Terkaly: The DevOps Story - Why it is really about Platform as a Service
  10. Brynte: Windows Phone 8.1 for Developers–Contracts


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