Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, April 16, 2014

  1. Scott Guthrie: Azure Updates: Web Sites, VMs, Mobile Services, Notification Hubs, Storage, VNets, Scheduler, AutoScale and More
  2. Visual Studio Blog: Authoring Windows 8.1 Apps in XAML
  3. TechEd Countdown Show: The One About Newbies
  4. Greg Duncan: The future of .NET, today. The .NET Compiler Platform
  5. James Whittaker: We're Gonna Test Like It's 1999 (yeah try not to sing it!)
  6. Brynte: Windows Phone 8.1 for Developers - Choose your Windows Phone XAML app model
  7. Shawn Hargreaves: Customizing Visual Studio GPU profiling
  8. Immo Landwerth: The JIT finally proposed. JIT and SIMD are getting married.
  9. anhphan: Intellisense for JSON Schema in the JSON Editor
  10. Cliff Simpkins: Windows Phone 8.1 now available on Windows Phone Preview for Developers


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