Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, March 31, 2014

  1. Teodora Stanev: Release Management: How to run Automated Tests as part of a Release - walkthrough
  2. InfoWorld: Software developers, you're better when you work together
  3. Scott Hanselman: Analysis Paralysis: Over-thinking and Knowing Too Much to Just CODE
  4. Vittorio Bertocci: OWIN security components in ASP.NET: OpenID Connect!
  5. Greg Duncan: Coding4Fun First Quarter 2014 Round-Up
  6. Aaron Stebner: Link to MSDN article with information about which .NET Framework versions are in which versions of Windows and Visual Studio
  7. Glenn Gailey: Mobile Services .NET Backend: Initializers and Model Updates
  8. Nikhil Agarwal: Designing /Programming Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0
  9. Kirk Evans: Deploying an Azure Web Site Using Git and Continuous Integration
  10. Raymond Chen: A puzzle involving dynamic programming, or maybe it doesn't


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