Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, March 28, 2014

  1. Ed Blankenship: Visual Studio Online Guidance for Consulting Teams and Systems Integrators
  2. Karthik Chintala:  Iterators in C#
  3. Scott Hanselman: Complete List of Productivity Tips
  4. Teodora Stanev: Release Management: How to deploy web application as part of a Release - walkthrough
  5. Benjamin Pasero: Stand-up: Developing a node.js application using Monaco (Part 1)
  6. Kirk Evans: Git for Team Foundation Developers–Branches
  7. Doris Chen: Developing High Performance Websites and Modern Apps with JavaScript and HTML5
  8. The Road to ALM: Combining TFS Version Control and Git with Git-TF
  9. Giles Davies: 12 reasons to use the Jolt award winning Visual Studio Premium 2013
  10. Ajay Arora: Configuring Fakes


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