Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, March 18, 2014

  1. Henrik F Nielsen: The .NET Backend Help Page and Test Client
  2. TechEd Countdown Show: The One with Certification
  3. Martina Grom and Toni Pohl: Identity in Your Own Apps with Windows Azure Active Directory
  4. Steve Guggenheimer: What to Expect from Microsoft at GDC
  5. LightSwitch Help Website: An End-To-End Visual Studio LightSwitch 2013 HTML5 Application
  6. Tian Ouyang: Use Enumeration types in OData
  7. Scott Hanselman: OneNote and Microsoft's quiet API revolution
  8. Rowan Miller: EF6.1.0 RTM Available
  9. Emil Gustafsson: Tail Recursion and C#
  10. Office Developer Team: Integrating documents into cloud business apps


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