Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, March 14, 2014

  1. Rachel Appel: Designing and Programming Accessible Websites and Apps
  2. Visual Studio Blog: Blend for HTML Behaviors and Actions
  3. Javier Calvarro Nelson: Getting started with ASP.NET Web API 2.2 for OData v4.0
  4. John Shewchuk: Creating the Perfect Front Door for Web App Development
  5. Brendan James: Designing the interface, workflows, and deciding when to release
  6. Ashakiran Bhatter: Writing a 16-bit dummy kernel in C/C++
  7. TechEd Countdown Special: The One with the Party Announcement
  8. Bruno Terkaly: How to Implement a Service Architecture on Windows Azure using WCF, WPF, and Unit Testing
  9. Scott Hanselman: Back to Basics: Assert your assumptions and diff your source code
  10. Steve Lasker: Looking for LOB Developers 


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