Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, March 6, 2014

  1. Martin Hinshelwood: TFS for cross team and cross business line work item tracking
  2. Michael Palermo: DevRadio: Using Xamarin to Create Your Apps
  3. Anand Gunasekaran: IntelliSense TextBox in C#
  4. Eric Lippert: How to debug small programs
  5. Visual Studio Toolbox: Browse the .NET Reference Source
  6. Moalla Ilani: W8.1 C# Cheat Sheet Vol.1
  7. Beth Massi: New “How Do I…?” Videos and other Resources for Building Cloud Business Apps
  8. Olivier Bloch: Android and Java Developers: MS Open Tech has a SignalR SDK for You!
  9. Windows Apps Team: Writing Windows Store apps with locale-based adaptive design
  10. Eric Lippert: Living with unchecked exceptions, part two


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