Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, February 18, 2014

  1. This Week On Channel 9: What not to do with ASP.NET, explore .Net 4.5.1, more Async tips, Conan and more
  2. Daily .NET Tips: Drag and Drop Controls from Toolbox to Document Outline
  3. Code Project: Advanced Debugging Techniques in JavaScript
  4. Chris Dias: Visual Studio Online 'Monaco' update: Some new console commands, Markdown, Sass, and others.
  5. Eric Battalio: The Old New C++ Thing
  6. Maurice: Refactoring the AngularJS code in the RawStack
  7. Mathias Olausson: Visual Studio Lab Management Guide v3 Released!
  8. Channel 9: F3 is so yesterday... The Sando Visual Studio Extension provides real code indexing, search and more
  9. The Activity Designer: Reflections on unit tests (and more what happened next) and introducing ashmind and his Argument NuGet package
  10. Martin Hinshelwood: Building a release pipeline with Release Management with Visual Studio 2013


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