Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, February 17, 2014

  1. Visual Studio Blog: Introducing Bing Code Search for C#
  2. ATestConsultant: Visual Studio and Permissions
  3. Ahmed Bensaid: Run Web Application in Multiple Browsers
  4. Pranav Rastogi: Announcing preview of Dynamic Data provider and EntityDataSource control for Entity Framework 6
  5. Chev Bryan: How can I restore all my Tfs Databases from script
  6. El Bruno: HowTo: Debug an external EXE file and some bonus track
  7. Developer Tech: How developers can prepare for the new era of content and data
  8. Suhas Joshi: Per request lifetime management for UserManager class in ASP.NET Identity
  9. MSDN Blogs: Struggling with unit tests (again)
  10. MSDN Blogs: Unit Testing DbContexts and queries – the status quo


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