Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, February 3, 2014

  1. Immo Landwerth: Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing.EventSource is now stable
  2. Kathleen Dollard: The Sixth Level of Code Generation
  3. Greg Duncan: Coding4Fun January 2014 Round-Up
  4. Jeremy Likness: 10 Reasons Web Developers Should Learn Angular
  5. This Week On Channel 9: Microsoft contributes hardware specs to the cloud, C9 gets captions, WAT and more
  6. Leo Vildosola: How to modify the UpgradeTemplate.xaml to enable releasing from a build
  7. Martin Hinshelwood: Install Release Management 2013
  8. Greg Duncan: No empty nesting here, Mads' File Nesting Visual Studio Extension
  9. Bruno Terkaly: Installing Express and How to use Node.js Packages with Visual Studio
  10. Willy-P. Schaub: ALM Rangers Ruck – Proposed innovations to the v1.2 guidance. Thoughts?


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