Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, January 20, 2014

Friday was a slow link day, so here's a Top 10 for today:
  1. Brian Harry: VS 2013.1 (Update 1) is available
  2. El Bruno: Node.js tools for Visual Studio, and the future of packages managers (if you use NuGet you probably think about this)
  3. Martin Hinshelwood: Installing TFS 2013 from scratch is easy
  4. Dave Crook: RequireJS, Windows 8/WinJS, and Cross Platform
  5. Scott Hanselman: How to display a QR code in ASP.NET and WPF
  6. Inside TFS: Visual Studio Online: What It Is, and Why You Should Care
  7. This Week On Channel 9: Build Sold Out, Tower Game Starter Kit, WPF Tools and more...
  8. P. Kelley: Adding a corporate (or self-signed) certificate authority to git.exe’s store
  9. Martina Grom and Toni Pohl: Identity in your own apps with Windows Azure Active Directory
  10. Paulo Zemek: Interfaces vs Delegates


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