Top 8 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, January 10, 2014

  1. Martin Hinshelwood: Installing Release Management Client for Visual Studio 2013
  2. Eric Battalio: Code Debugging Content in Community
  3. Coding 4 Fun: AGENT Smartwatch gets experimental, community driven, Visual Studio 2013 support
  4. Jerry Nixon: The most Comprehensive Blend for Visual Studio training you will ever receive – for Free; you’re welcome!
  5. Rahul Rajat Singh: Program to Interface, not Implementation - Beginner's Tutorial for Understanding Interface, Abstract class and Concrete class
  6. Martin Hinshelwood: Change the Release Management Server that your Client connects to
  7. Ajay Arora: Hosting TestController and TestAgents on Azure
  8. This Week On Channel 9: Build 2014, Windows Phone 8 1080P, Roslyn, Rubber Ducks and more


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