Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, December 11, 2013

  1. Code Project: Programming Vs. Software Development
  2. Ibrahim Kivanc: [Windows 8.1 Development Series] 9 - Windows 8.1 User Exprience, User Interface Tips & Tricks
  3. Visual Studio Blog: Making Visual Studio Accessible
  4. Peter Vogel: Implementing a Fluent Interface
  5. Leo Vildosola: How to modify the TFS 2013 default build process template (GitTemplate.12.xaml & TfvcTemplate.12.xaml) to enable releasing from a build
  6. Geoff Gray: All About Caching and How Visual Studio Simulates Browser Caches
  7. Ed Dore: Managed Package Framework (MPF) for Projects released for VS 2013
  8. Charles Sterling: Announcing Visual Studio 2013 Virtual Machine with Application Lifecycle Management Hands-on-Labs and Demo Scripts
  9. Charles Sterling: Application Insights Microsoft Monitoring Agent setup FAQ
  10. John Kennedy: Moving data around your C# app, and the potential perils of async


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