Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, November 21, 2013

  1. Brian Harry: How much data can you put on VSOnline?
  2. Visual Studio Blog: Visual Studio 2013 Survey
  3. Xinyang Qiu: ASP.NET Performance: Prefetch and Multi-Core Jitting
  4. Zhu Meng: C++ AMP Feature Matrix on Windows Platform
  5. Sam Stokes: C++/CX/DirectX: I want to use DirectXTK w/o using nuget
  6. Reshmi Mangalore: Browser Link APIs in Visual Studio 2013 RTM
  7. Developer Media: A case for developers as artisans, not just artists
  8. Eric Lippert: ATBG: non-nullable reference types
  9. Eric Battalio: Visual Studio Rename Refactor Helper for Visual Studio 2013
  10. David Starr, Robert Green, Cathy Sullivan from the Visual Studio 2013 Launch: What’s New in the Visual Studio 2013 IDE


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