Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, November 7, 2013

  1. Channel 9: Test Plans That Reduce Risk
  2. Deborah Kurata: XAML: Intellisense for Bindings And the Data Context
  3. Code Project (fastcom123) Direct access to C++ native code from C++/CLI MSSQL Stored Procedure
  4. Susan Ibach: 5 great ways to learn about Visual Studio 2013
  5. anhphan: Tips When Making Changes in Entity Framework Code First Models after Scaffolding
  6. grantmestrength: Making a simple UITableView-like list in Windows 8.1
  7. Tom Dykstra: Tutorial series updated for Entity Framework 6 Code First with MVC 5
  8. Andy Wigley: Building Connected Apps
  9. Rowan Miller: EF Tools Open Source
  10. Doug Stewart: The .NET Technology Guide for Business Applications


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