Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, November 5, 2013

  1. Brian Harry: Team Explorer Everywhere 2013 is Available
  2. Wriju Ghosh: Team Foundation Server 2013 : Scheduling Backup & Restore
  3. Deborah Kurata: Visual Studio 2013: XAML Code Editing
  4. SharePoint Developer Team: Debugging SharePoint 2013 workflows using Visual Studio 2013
  5. Ankit Asthana: The Visual C++ Linker best practices: Developer Iteration
  6. Sam Stokes: C++/CX/DirectX: brilliant use of DirectX sample
  7. Vinu Chandran: Testing mobile apps using Visual Studio 2013
  8. Lee Reid: Generic Operators / Numerics in C#
  9. Shenwei Liu: Returning Multiple Result Sets from an Entity Framework Stored Procedure with Function Import Mappings
  10. Jerry Nixon: Windows 8.1 Design Principles Hand Developers Back Their Sanity


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