Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, October 31st

  1. David Wesst: HTML5: The Parts You Care About (Part 1) and (Part 2)
  2. Sam Stokes: C++/DirectX/XAML: Message about MessageDialog
  3. Deborah Kurata: Visual Studio 2013 Navigate To Improvements
  4. Kathryn Elliot: TFS 2013 process templates get a name change
  5. LightSwitch Help Website: Using JayData to Consume the Visual Studio LightSwitch OData Business Layer in a AngularJs CRUD Application
  6. Greg Duncan: Python Tools for Visual Studio v2.0
  7. Practical .NET: UI Practicalities: Determining the User's Intent
  8. Richard Banks: Viewing Your Code Through Visual Studio’s CodeLens
  9. Wriju Ghosh: Visual Studio 2013 : New enhanced scroll bar #7
  10. Channel 9: GoingNative 19: PdbProject - IntelliSense for Your C++ Executable


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