Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, October 16th

  1. John Kennedy: Hello ListViews, so long UITableViews!
  2. Paul Whitaker: Share rendered XAML content with Share contract and RenderTargetBitmap
  3. Larry Guger: IntelliTrace and WCF Services called by Silverlight
  4. Martin Hinshelwood: PowerShell TFS 2013 API #2 – Adding to a GlobalList
  5. Deborah Kurata: ASP.NET Web API w/ASP.NET Client & Supporting IE 8
  6. MS MVP, Maurice: Displaying local times using the HTML5 <time> element and Moment.js
  7. Alireza Chegini: How to get Connection String from App.Config in c#
  8. Jerry Nixon: Walkthrough: Is your Windows 8 app too square and boxy?
  9. Dave Kidder: How to get back to the “Start with data” page of a LightSwitch Project
  10. Sébastien Lachance (MVP): The Importance of an About Page


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