Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, October 4th

  1. This Week On Channel 9: Visual Studio 2013 Pricing, ScriptCS, Learning Windows 8.1 and more
  2. Aseem Bansal: How to create an ordered test programmatically?
  3. Radio TFS: Lots of New Toys
  4. Chuck Walbourn: A Brief History of Windows SDKs
  5. Bryan Group: Consuming ASP.NET Web API
  6. Lee Stott: DirectX immediate mode rendering in your C#/XAML app using the SharpDx library
  7. Martin Woodward: Marking Discussions as Answered
  8. Khademul Basher: Implementation of MVC Patterns in ASP.NET Web forms Application
  9. MSDN Blogs: OAuth2 with ADFS and WAAD using C#
  10. Bob German: Future Proof Solutions Part 1 - Take a Walk on the Client Side


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