Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, October 1st

  1. Inside TFS: Team Foundation Server Team Rooms
  2. Code Project: Arrays Basics in CSharpDotNetTech
  3. Willy-P. Schaub: The hunt for stealth tasks … what happened to my task on the TFS task board?
  4. Calvin Hsia: Manipulate managed and native objects in C++ to show the registry in a WPF TreeView
  5. Ravi Eda: Team Development Series – Part 5: Leveraging Code Analytics
  6. Eric Lippert: Math from scratch, part four: natural multiplication
  7. Jennifer Leaf: Visual C++ Libraries Survey
  8. .NET Web Development and Tools Team: HTML Editing Features in Visual Studio 2013 RC
  9. GoingNative 2013: C++14: Through the Looking Glass
  10. Girish Pillai: How to build previous versions of SRC code using TFS Build and Build Agent?


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