Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, September 30th

  1. Steve Guggenheimer: Java Developers, Meet Windows Azure.
  2. Syed Babu: C++11 Smart Pointers
  3. Willy-P. Schaub: Testing Mobile Applications using Perfecto Mobile's MobileCloud
  4. Sara Allison: Building more beautiful Line of Business apps using LightSwitch
  5. Visual Studio Tips and Tricks: WorkItem Glass
  6. Radio TFS: An Interesting Week
  7. LightSwitch Help Website: Paging and Sorting in LightSwitch HTML Client
  8. Scott Hanselman: The Myth of the Rockstar Programmer
  9. This Week On Channel 9: Azure, Windows 8 Eye Tracking, Kinect, BrowserSwarm and more
  10. Susan Ibach: Visual Studio Tips and Tricks – Checking code dependencies visually


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