Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, September 27th

Was so excited for the Breaking Bad finale this weekend that I forgot Friday's post...
  1. Larry Guger: Introducing Microsoft Monitoring Agent
  2. Greg Duncan: Run, don't walk, to learn TouchDevelop with RoboRun
  3. Syed Rafey Husain: Challenges and solutions - Architecture of a Modern Web Application - Part 1 and Part 2
  4. Rajan Patekar: Layered Application Design Pattern
  5. Practical .NET: Going Beyond Usernames and Roles with Claims-Based Security in .NET 4.5
  6. Scott Guthrie: Windows Azure: New Virtual Machine, Active Directory, Multi-Factor Auth, Storage, Web Site and Spending Limit Improvements
  7. Immo Landwerth: Immutable collections ready for prime time
  8. Martin Woodward: Linking Commits to Issues
  9. Bruno Terkaly: Setting up an Azure Virtual Machine For Developers with Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate and SQL Server 2012 Express
  10. Mark MacDonnell: Web Essentials for Visual Studio: Open Data Made Simple


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