Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, September 23rd

  1. Brian Harry: TFS 2013 Power Tools are available
  2. Brad Sullivan: Modules Window Search support in VS2013
  3. Muraad Nofal: Monad like programming with C#
  4. Microsoft Integration MVP Leonid Ganeline: BizTalk Integration Development Architecture
  5. Jon Skeet: Career and skills advice
  6. Eric Lippert: Math from scratch, part three: natural addition
  7. Vittorio Bertocci: Organizational Accounts in Visual Studio 2013 RC
  8. Greg Duncan: String, oh string, what a character you are... "Visual Studio String Debug Visualizer"
  9. This Week On Channel 9: Kinect SDK, String Debug Visualizer, lots of CodePlex and more
  10. Brian Harry: What is a Product Owner?


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