Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, September 19th

  1. Deane Barker: What makes developers really great
  2. Esteban Garcia: Cloud-based Load Testing with TFS Service
  3. Practical .NET: UI Practicalities: Managing Data
  4. Visual Studio Blog: Designing pixel perfect layouts in Visual Studio 2013 and Blend
  5. LightSwitch Help Website: JQuery Mobile Tree Using Collapsible Sections and Dynamic Views in LightSwitch
  6. Xueyuan Dai: Scaffolding asynchronous MVC and Web API controllers for Entity Framework 6
  7. Jim Radigan from GoingNative 2013: Compiler+
  8. Dave Kidder: Adding a Button to the Debug Toolbar in Visual Studio
  9. TfsSetup - Moderator: Configure Features for process templates based on v 4.2 process templates
  10. Bruno Terkaly:  How to Run Grid-based Web Applications and Databases at Scale in the Cloud


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