Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, September 16th

  1. Sam Stokes: C++/CX: Source-Code annotation language (SAL)
  2. Zain Naboulsi: Visual Studio 2013: Cut or Delete the Current Line
  3. Bryan C Smith: Hadoop for .NET Developers: Implementing a (Slightly) More Complex MapReduce Job
  4. Ankit Asthana: Introducing ‘/Gw’ Compiler Switch
  5. John Guin: A little about our UI-less test harness
  6. Sean Parent from GoingNative 2013: C++ Seasoning
  7. Raymond Chen: How does InterlockedIncrement work internally?
  8. Buck Hodges: Team Foundation Service 2013 RC is go-live–use it in production
  9. Visual Studio Blog: Notifications in VS2013
  10. Charles Sterling: Perform Java code analysis with Team Foundation Server and SONAR


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