Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, August 23rd

  1. Surf4Fun: C++/XAML: Determining the view state or orientation of your Windows 8
  2. Bing Dev Center: Localizing Custom Mapping Data with Bing Translator
  3. Willy-P Schaub: Planning and Upgrade teams would appreciate your candid feedback!
  4. Immo Landwerth: Portable Compression is now stable
  5. Pavan Kumar MJ: Texture with Mipmaps
  6. Carlos Figueira: Complex types and Azure Mobile Services
  7. Surf4Fun: C++, Direct3D, Building a Dice Game and more in Windows 8, with video
  8. Wriju: Using Repository Pattern in Entity Framework
  9. Jon Galloway: Adding an audio play indicator to your page's tab with a few lines of Javascript
  10. Woong Gyu La: How to replace recursive functions using stack and while-loop to avoid the stack-overflow


Comments (1)

  1. Repository Pattern is very cool

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