Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, August 21st

  1. Scott Bekker: Microsoft Exec Urges MSDN Subscribers To Use Azure Credits
  2. Florian Mader: Read an Environment Variable from XML in PowerShell
  3. Bryan C Smith: Hadoop for .NET Developers: Obtaining the Sample Data Sets
  4. Maurice: Using the #AngularJS FormController to control form submission
  5. Eric Lippert: Benchmarking mistakes, part four
  6. James Quick: "Quick" Tips for Gamemaker (Part One- The Basics)
  7. Martin Hinshelwood: The fallacy of the rejected backlog item
  8. Zain Naboulsi: Visual Studio 2013: Turn Off the Uppercase Menu
  9. Pat Brenner: ATL and MFC changes and fixes in Visual Studio 2013
  10. Greg Duncan: Misspelled strings in your projects? Visual Studio Spell Checker (with source too)


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