Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, August 15th

  1. Visual Studio Tips and Tricks: Visual Studio 2013 Preview: Code Map Debugger Integration
  2. Zain Naboulsi: Visual Studio 2013: TODO Comments and Custom Tokens in the Task List
  3. Richard Siddaway: PowerShell Jump start pt 2
  4. Sam Stokes: C++/11: Home on the Range-based for-loop
  5. Jerry Nixon: Windows 8 apps need 28 logo varietals; enter Expression Design
  6. LightSwitch Help Website: LightSwitch Employee Vacation Tracker Using The ComponentOne HTML Scheduler Control
  7. keantonc: IntelliSense in F12 tools
  8. Bryan C Smith: Hadoop for .NET Developers
  9. ASP.NET Debugging: Have an MSDN account, start using Azure for free!
  10. Tarun Arora: Extending Visual Studio Sprint burndown plus VSIX


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