Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, August 12th

  1. Visual Studio Blog: XAML Editor Improvements in Visual Studio 2013
  2. The .NET Team: Building apps with the .NET Framework 4.5.1 Preview in Visual Studio 2012
  3. Visual Studio Tips and Tricks: Visual Studio 2013: Matching Braces
  4. Willy-P Schaub: TFS Planning Guide updated with new style and content fixes
  5. Visual C++ MVP Marius Bancila:  C++ REST SDK in Visual Studio 2013
  6. The .NET Team: Announcing the EventSource NuGet Package – Write to the Windows Event Log
  7. Bruno Sonnino: Restructuring your legacy code using MVVM and Dependency Injection with Unity
  8. Jim Hogg: Optimizing C++ Code : Dead Code Elimination
  9. Parag Paul: Acceptance Test Driven Development
  10. Sam Stokes: That auto keyword in C++ 11, not your Dad’s auto


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