Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, August 9th

  1. Sam Stokes: Move to Windows 8.1 or stay on Windows 8? Move to VS 2013 or stay on VS 2012?
  2. Richard Tauber: C++ Runtime Polymorphism without Virtual Functions
  3. The Code Project: Classic ASP and MVC
  4. The .NET Team: Got a need for speed? .NET apps start faster.
  5. JD Meier: Strategy Development, Consumer Experience, and Technology Build Out
  6. Wes Yanaga: New Tools and Capabilities that Further Expand Opportunity and Enhance Productivity for Windows Phone Developers.
  7. Kirpa Singh: Writing a simple implementation of dependency injection in MVC 4 Web API with .NET Framework 4.5
  8. Ed Price: Get Started with Small Basic - Featured Article
  9. Wriju: Windows Phone Development Absolute Beginners Series
  10. Glynn Jones: Scoopt - innovating with the app product lifecycle


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