Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, July 26th

  1. Inside Windows Phone: Put the Standard Animations in your App
  2. Martin Hinshelwood: Creating a custom Activity for Team Foundation Build
  3. Lee Stott: Using middleware to reduce development time or cost
  4. Peter Torr: Proximity in Windows Phone 8
  5. IE Blog: IE11 Developer Preview for Windows 7: Enabling Next Generation Sites and Apps - Faster
  6. Charles Sterling: Load Testing Siebel Applications using Visual Studio
  7. Andy Lewis: Get started with some basic TFBuild scripts
  8. Eric Lippert: Why does a foreach loop silently insert an "explicit" conversion?
  9. Xinyang Qiu: Publish HTML/JS website to Linux/Apache using Visual Studio
  10. Cathy Sullivan from Build 2013: What’s New in the Visual Studio 2013 IDE


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  1. orange county website designers says:

    Great post though.  It really does hit a lot of my frustrations with Scala in a very elegant way.

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