Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, July 3rd

  1. Martin Hinshelwood: Installing Visual Studio 2013 on Server 2012
  2. Adam Denning: File handling with Windows.Storage APIs
  3. Mickey MacDonald: Learn how a little extra code can enhance HTML5 games
  4. Prachi Bora: Using Coded UI to test XAML-based Windows Store apps
  5. Richard Fennell: A day of TFS upgrades
  6. Howie Hilliker: Visual Studio 2010 compatibility with Visual Studio 2012 for web performance and load testing
  7. Olivier Bloch: New resources for Android developers: getting started with Windows 8 development
  8. Kirk Evans: Build Session: Understanding Authentication and Permissions with Apps for SharePoint and Office
  9. Alex Simons: Easy Web App Integration with Windows Azure Active Directory, ASP.NET & Visual Studio
  10. JGalasyn: New help for porting iOS apps to Windows Store apps


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