Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, June 28th

  1. Carlos Quintero: All-In-One Visual Studio Extensibility Code Samples
  2. VKichline: Knockout IntelliSense Highlighting Bug Fix
  3. Visual Studio Toolbox: ComponentOne Controls for XAML Developers
  4. Alex Simons: Building Multi-Factor Authentication into Your Applications Using the SDK
  5. David Rousset: Tutorial part 4: learning how to write a 3D software engine in C#, TS or JS – Rasterization & Z-Buffering
  6. Boby George: Using C++ AMP to Build the Aviary Photo Editor
  7. John Kimani: Using Bing Maps in Windows Store Apps (JavaScript)
  8. Craig Kitterman: Building Blocks of Great Cloud Applications
  9. Ed Price: C# Guru - Spell Checking WinRT Component (C#, VB, HTML5/JavaScript)
  10. Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed: Required Tools for Windows Phone Development


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